29 January 2008

Australian research on value of mental and physical exercise

Mental and physical exercise delays dementia in fatal genetic disease
Howard Florey Institute: 24 January 2008
Scientists at Melbourne’s Howard Florey Institute have discovered that mental and physical stimulation delays the onset of dementia in the fatal genetic disease, Huntington's disease.

This Australian research opens up new therapeutic possibilities for other devastating and difficult to treat brain diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease where dementia is a key component. … > full story

Comments from Alzheimer's Australia Research Officer, Suzanne Dixon: This is consistent with a large body of prior research indicating older people who regularly exert themselves cognitively and physically maintain their mental functions for longer. This new research represents an important piece of knowledge for Huntington’s disease in particular, and further strengthens the argument for mind and body activity. One of the key researchers of the study, Dr Jess Nithianantharajah, was the recipient of a travel grant administered by Alzheimer’s Australia Research in 2007, which allowed her to develop her knowledge and experience in the field of Huntington’s research. (18 February 2008)

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