1 January 2008

Family relationships and value of support

Family values
TwinCities.com: 29 December 2007
Those of us who welcome grandpa and grandma into our holiday gatherings this time of year know the joys of watching generations connect and old family stories reach young new ears.

According to Pioneer Press reporter Jeremy Olson, it is often during these hectic and exciting days that those in the generational middle notice that grandpa or grandma is not quite the same. It is a hard thing to realize that it may not be just loopy forgetfulness but the first hints of dementia or Alzheimer's disease…. > full story

3 story series by Jeremy Olson include:

Hectic holidays often expose symptoms of Alzheimer's disease - explores the diagnosis and early treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

Early-stage Alzheimer’s disease patients and their caregivers get a new kind of support -
A look at the issues faced by a support group for those in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

Group of doctors argues that all senior citizens should be tested for Alzheimer’s disease - Doctors debate the benefits of widespread screening.

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