29 January 2008

Innovative brains scanning for Alzheimer’s disease

Neuronetrix and the University of Kentucky test new device to screen for Alzheimer’s disease
Neuronetrix: 23 January 2008
Researchers at the University of Kentucky Sanders-Brown Center on Aging are launching a clinical trial with Neuronetrix’s innovative brain scanning system, called Cognision to screen for Alzheimer’s disease. The study with elderly individuals suspected of having Alzheimer’s disease will involve brainwave assessments using a technology called event-related potentials (ERP’s). The primary researchers on the study will be Dr. Charles Smith and Dr. Greg Jicha, both faculty in the Department of Neurology at Kentucky. The study is expected to validate the performance of Neuronetrix’s Cognision system and to demonstrate the system’s applicability in a primary care setting… > full press release : Lexington Hearld-Leader news story

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