13 December 2008

New AIHW report: Primary Health Care and General Practice

Review and evaluation of Australian information about primary health care: a focus on general practice
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare: 10 December 2008
Primary health care services are generally the first port of call when Australians need health care. Services provided through general practice are the core of Australia's primary health-care system, and it is vital that accurate, reliable and timely information about these services is available to support policy and practice decisions. Although several national and regional data collections contain information relevant to general practice, few sources provide comprehensive information that can be used to assess the value, quality and outcomes of the care provided. This leads to significant gaps in our understanding of the performance and effectiveness of the Australian primary health-care system.

This report presents the results of a critical evaluation of Australian data collections relating to general practice services. It describes the usefulness of these data collections for meeting priority information needs, and recommends strategies to address data gaps and limitations. The report also outlines methods currently being used to collect general practice data electronically, and establishes options for further investigation. > read report

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