8 December 2008

Understanding ethnic perceptions on dementia

Perceptions on dementia in ethnic communities
Alzheimer's Australia Vic: 2 December 2008
There is currently very little research into perceptions of dementia across CALD communities in Australia. Alzheimer’s Australia Vic received funding from Allens Arthur Robinson to develop a resource kit outlining dementia perceptions in Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Greek, Italian, Macedonian, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese communities.
This resource will assist organizations working with CALD clients to better understand the background of consumers they are supporting and develop appropriate services to assist their clients.

The resource kit consists of individual community profiles and the following information:
Introduction – brief reference to migration history and language; Perceptions of dementia; Diagnosis and treatment; Role of the family; Attitudes to community care; Attitudes to residential care; Attitudes to counselling; Religion and its role in dementia care; Key issues to consider; Key community contacts; Dementia-specific information.

"Perceptions of dementia in ethnic communities":
Also view Cultural Diversity on the Alzheimer’s Australia website.

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