18 January 2009

Research project aims to develop software to help people with dementia communicate

Technology with a personality
University of Dundee: 14 January
The University of Dundee and Balhousie Care Group have formed a unique partnership to create an innovative use of touchscreens and multimedia to enhance the care of people with dementia.

The partnership has created a new PhD Studentship within the School of Computing at the University, building on existing research excellence in developing technology to help older people.

People with dementia who are living in a residential home can be very difficult for new staff , or even experienced staff, to get to know because their communication is limited, sometimes almost nonexistent. Yet without exception these people have led lives full of incident and relationships, jobs, hobbies, awards, and interesting experiences. In order to fully establish communication, carers must know about these past histories of the people under their care, which can be very difficult to achieve. … > full story

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