22 March 2009

Cognitive clinic offers innovative therapies program

New clinic offers one-stop shopping for all your cognitive needs
Alzforum: 16 March 2009
A new kind of cognitive clinic, which opened 6 March in Santa Barbara, California, aims to help people stay mentally sharp by addressing mind, body, and soul.

After three years of development, Cognitive Fitness and Innovative Therapies (CFIT) opened its doors to a pilot group of clients this month. CFIT (pronounced “see-fit”) will help not only people who have cognitive impairment or Alzheimer disease, but also advise mentally fit clients on how to remain that way for as long as possible. “

It is a new way of thinking about the whole person for their cognitive health,” said Debra Lieberman, a communications researcher at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), who is developing a virtual community for CFIT users. “You are not just a patient with diagnoses; all aspects of your daily life come into play.”

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