16 March 2009

Person-centred care should be standard practice

Person-centred care reduces agitation in people with dementia and should be considered as standard practice in care homes
The Lancet Neurology via Medical News Toady: 12 March 2009
Both person-centred care and dementia-care mapping* reduce agitation in people with dementia in residential care. In addition, person-centred approaches can be taught quickly and should be introduced as standard practice in residential care homes. These are the conclusions of an article to be published Online First and in the April edition of The Lancet Neurology.

People with dementia have complex needs that can be difficult to meet and can lead to need-driven dementia compromised behaviours such as agitation, sleep disturbance, screaming, crying, and pacing. The traditional approach of nursing in residential care focuses on daily living and leaves many people with dementia spending long hours alone, which is known to exacerbate these behaviours. With the prevalence of dementia likely to quadruple worldwide by 2041, the challenge is to introduce interventions that can maintain standards of care and quality of life for people with dementia, with only limited funds and staff. … > full story : comment by Dr Michael Woodward : comment from Alzheimer’s Society (UK) : review by AlzForum

*Person-centred care puts the person with dementia at the centre of the care-planning process ensuring they receive appropriate care which meets their needs as individuals.

*Dementia-care mapping is an assessment tool designed to improve person-centred care. Detailed observations and scoring of the factors associated with wellbeing in people with dementia (e.g. enjoyment of eating, touching and interacting) are used to help the planning implementation and assessment of person-centred care.

For additional resources review the reading list on care practices and standards

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