22 March 2009

Proposal for the Australian national health services to respond to changing health needs

Fit for the job: adapting to Australia's new healthcare challenges
Business Council of Australia: 18 March 2009
This paper argues that an independent health body is needed to integrate Australia's fragmented national health services so they can effectively respond to changing health needs.

The paper proposes the independent health body would:
  • Need to balance the short-term needs with the long-term vision for improving the health status of all Australians.
  • Be responsible for monitoring and publishing the outcomes of the system.
  • Ensure the development of a patient-based information system that supports both improved clinical decision-making and future health system planning.
  • Monitor issues of safety and quality and ensure equity of access.
  • Design incentives to encourage efficiency and innovation.
  • It would not be an extra layer of bureaucracy. > read paper

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