27 April 2009

Call for funding for more reliable studies on non-drug treatment interventions in dementia

Non drug treatment of Alzheimer’s disease: long term benefit not proven
Quality and Efficiency in Health Care: 17 March 2009
Whether people with Alzheimer's disease benefit in the long term from non-drug treatment interventions remains an unanswered question. This unsatisfactory finding is mainly due to the fact that convincing studies are lacking so far. For individual approaches, the studies provide indications of a benefit, but also of harm. This is the conclusion of a report by the German Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care, Cologne, which was published in March 2009 and for which an English-language summary is now available.

According to IQWiG, a general problem of the benefit assessment of non-drug treatment interventions is particularly shown in the therapy of Alzheimer's disease: small research budgets and an underdeveloped study methodology lead to the situation that even for procedures with potential, no reliable conclusions can be drawn and thus no proof of a benefit can be provided. > read press release

A05-19D: Non-drug therapies in Alzheimer´s disease
Executive summary (PDF, 50 KB)
Final report (PDF, 3 MB) (German version)
completion 13.01.2009, published 17.03.2009

A05-19A: Cholinesterase inhibitors in Alzheimer’s disease
Executive summary (PDF, 51 KB)
Final report (PDF, 1.1 MB) (Date of translation: 26.09.2007)

A05-19B: Ginkgo compounds in Alzheimer's disease
Executive summary (PDF, 47 KB)
Final report (PDF, 1.3 MB) (German version)
completion 29.09.2008, published 21.11.2008

A05-19C: Memantine in Alzheimer's disease
Preliminary report (PDF, 839 KB)(German version)
completion 01.08.2008, published 14.08.2008

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