25 May 2009

Opinion and analysis of Making Choices reprot

Dementia: facing the epidemic
ABC News: 12 May 2009
The time has long passed for band-aiding the health and care system to address the dementia epidemic, writes Alzheimer's Australia CEO Glenn Rees.

There will be over 460,000 people with dementia in 2030 unless better medical interventions are found to delay the onset of dementia. This is double the number today of 230,000. There are more than a thousand new cases of dementia every week.

The Access Economics report Making Choices commissioned by Alzheimer's translates the dementia epidemic into the reality of 2030 and the 153,000 extra paid and family carers that will be needed to provide the dementia care. … > full story

Related Alzheimer's News story: New Alzheimer’s Australia commissioned report: Making choices - Future dementia care: projections, problems and preferences

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