25 May 2009

Recongnising Alzheimer's series - online news stories

Recognising Alzheimer’s Series
CBS Health Watch: 18-22 May 2009

Warning signs of Alzheimer’s
(18 May 2009)
Harry Smith spoke with Dr. Jennifer Ashton about easy-to-spot early warning signs of Alzheimer's disease. > watch news story (3:28)

Recognizing Alzheimer's (20 May 2009)
Dr. Jennifer Ashton talks to Julie Chen about the outward warning signs of Alzheimer's disease and takes a look inside a brain suffering from the disease. > watch news story

Impact on families (22 May 2009)
Chronic misplacing things and judgment lapses in our elderly loved ones may indicate Alzheimer's disease, says Dr. Jennifer Ashton, who talks to Julie Chen about its impact on families. > watch news story (3:34)

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