16 June 2009

Research report on neurodegenerative disorders including FTD

Mixed neurodegenerative disorders are emerging from the shadows
Alzheimer’s Research Fourm: 9 June 2009
Many cases of age-related neurodegenerative disease fall into the gray zone between big, defined diseases - Alzheimer's or Parkinson's, for example. Their diagnostic accuracy is low, researchers agree. That's a problem, because mixed disease is not only common, but also quite different in its course from pathologically 'pure' disease. (Mixed disease is often worse.)

But there's also excitement and opportunity. The large overlap between established neurodegenerative diseases is ripe for scientific exploration, and recent advances at the genetic, clinico-pathologic, and molecular levels have turned it into a dynamic area of research.

In particular, diseases such as Dementia with Lewy bodies and frontotemporal dementias are drawing intense interest as biomarker development branches out beyond Amyloid beta and tau, holding out a future where molecular-based diagnoses can define the pathogenic proteins that together drive a given person's individual disease.

The Alzforum's Gabrielle Strobel draws together a wave of recent discoveries that are generating excitement and challenging long-standing concepts about these diseases.

Part 1: Spectrum of neurodegeneration comes to the fore
Part 2: Et tu, Brute? Parkinson’s GWAS Fingers Tau Next to α-Synuclein
Part 3: Neither Fish Nor Fowl—Dementia With Lewy Bodies Often Missed
Part 4: Like DLB, Like AD—Do Oligomers Stir Up the Trouble?
Part 5: Ordnung, Please—Can Biomarkers Tame a Bewildering Overlap?
Part 6: Still Early Days for α-synuclein Fluid Marker
Part 7: Meet Progranulin, The Biomarker—A Simpler Story?
Part 8: Reshuffle Parkinson’s Genetics to Lay Out Its Pathways?
Part 9: More than Gaucher’s—GBA throws its weight around Lewy body disease

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