16 June 2009

Risk of depression and suicide due to early diagnosis

Dementia diagnosis increases suicide risk
ABC The World Today: 3 June 2009
Associate Professor Brian Draper from the University of New South Wales, who will be speaking at the Alzheimer’s Australia National Conference in Adelaide this week, has indicated that an early diagnosis of dementia can increase the likelihood depression and of suicide.

A 2008 Danish study has found that people who were diagnosed with Alzheimer's early are eight to ten times more likely to take their own lives; therefore clinicians are being encouraged to “emphasise that quality of life can be maintained, give people realistic hope about the future and offer appropriate support.” > read transcript and download podcast : SMH story

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National Dementia Helpline 1800 100 500 offers advice and support, and can provide referral to Alzheimer's Australia free counselling services.

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