16 June 2009

Self administered cognitive screening test (TYM) for detection of Alzheimer’s disease

Addenbrooke’s researches develop Alzheimer’s test
Cambridge University: 10 June 2009
A new mental agility quiz development by researchers from the Neurology team could help detect Alzheimer's disease more accurately than traditional tests.

The new test is designed so that patients can carry out the test themselves, potentially while sitting in a GP or hospital waiting room.

Jeremy Brown, consultant neurologist here at Addenbrooke's said the new Test Your Memory (TYM) evaluation provides more accurate results than the traditional standard mini mental-state examination, or MMSE.

The TYM evaluation detected 93% of patients with Alzheimer's in a trial involving 540 healthy people and 139 patients. This compared with 52% of patients tested with the MMSE – a test that has been used for decades to assist doctors in making a diagnosis. … > full press story : BBC News story : Australian Ageing Agenda story : review by NHS Knowledge Services : review by MedPage Today

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