29 August 2009

Cost and burden of negaitive health outcomes of dementia

Burden of Alzheimer's disease and association with negative health outcomes
The American Journal of Managed Care 2009, 15(8): 481-488
The majority of literature on the economic burden of Alzheimer’s disease has focused on 3 aspects: costs associated with long-term care, informal care costs (ie, the costs associated with a family member providing care while living at home), and the incremental impact of Alzheimer’s disease on the cost of treating other chronic conditions.

This body of literature suggests that direct medical costs are primarily focused on the later stages of the disease (long-term care costs) or are associated with more subtle effects such as poor treatment adherence leading to worse outcomes in other illnesses such as diabetes or hypertension.

The purpose of this analysis is to examine those still living in the community with Alzheimer’s disease with respect to common chronic conditions, acute care events, pharmacological treatments, risk of hospitalization in order to provide a broader perspective of economic impact and burden. > read full analysis : read comment on paper from Richard C. Mohs, Alzheimer’s Research Forum

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