8 August 2009

IMPACT website

IMPACT website now live
5 August 2009
IMPACT is the NSW name for the new and proposed wellness/restorative/strengths based approach to client focussed and directed supports in HACC and community care. A working group has been beavering away since April 2008, developing principles and delivering presentations. Thanks to the support of the Physical Disability Council NSW, the IMPACT website is now live. Visit the website and learn more at: www.impactnsw.com

The IMPACT Services approach is defined by 5 principles, each of which is underpinned by specific elements. These principles are:
1. Person-centred and enable each consumer to explore individual strengths and goals and work towards achieving the outcomes they desire, with security of support for those who need it.

2. Culturally-appropriate, socially inclusive and sensitive to individual circumstances, social context and relationships, enabling the consumer to continue with what is important to them.

3. Flexible and responsive to the range of changing needs, interests and choice of consumers.

4. Supportive and enable the positive relationship between consumers and carers.

5. Recognised as a fundamental and valued part of society that grows and develops to meet the changing expectations of consumers, carers, funders and the workforce.

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