29 August 2009

Mediterranean diet plus physical activity is recommended

High adherence to Mediterranean-type diet, increased physical activity associated with reduced risk of Alzheimer disease
JAMA: 11 August 2009
Elderly individuals who had a diet that included higher consumption of fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereal and fish and was low in red meat and poultry and who were physically active had an associated lower risk of Alzheimer disease, according to a study in the August 12 issue of JAMA. In a second study, higher adherence to a Mediterranean diet was associated with slower cognitive decline, but was not associated with a decreased risk of dementia.

Research regarding the effect physical activity can have on the risk of Alzheimer disease (AD) or dementia has shown mixed results, as has the effect of dietary habits. Their combined association has not been investigated, according to background information in the article. … > full press release : watch video (Windows Media Quicktime) : review by MedPage Today : comment from Dr Steve Parker (author of the Advanced Mediterranean Diet)

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