16 September 2009

Information for potential participants and carers about CONCERT study

Info about the CONCERT study for Patients and their Carer’s
Dateline Media Group: 28 August 2009

Dimebon (latrepirdine)* is a unique investigational drug currently in Phase 3 clinical development for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and Huntington disease (HD).

Dimebon Shown to Stabilize Symptoms, Positively Impact All Key Aspects of Alzheimer’s
Dimebon is believed to work differently than current medications, aimed at an emerging new target in Alzheimer’s disease: mitochondria. Mitochondria are critical to brain cell functioning, as they are the primary source of energy for cells. In preclinical studies, dimebon has been shown to protect brain cells from damage and enhance brain cell survival, potentially by stabilizing and improving mitochondrial function.

Dimebon has also been shown to ease the burden of the disease for patients and caregivers.
- Behavioral improvements in dimebon-treated patients significantly decreased caregiver distress at six months and at one year compared to caregivers of placebo-treated patients.
- After six months, caregivers spent less time assisting patients with activities of daily living, saving approximately 30 hours per month.

For more information on eligibility and enrollment, patients and caregivers can call the CONCERT study hotline toll-free at (Australia) 1 800 235 526 or visit http://www.concertstudy.com/.

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