19 September 2009

Younger onset dementia

Younger Onset Dementia
ABC Health Report: 31 August 2009
Dementia is not inevitable as you age, but it becomes increasingly common the older you get. However, in some rare cases dementia can occur in people at the age of 40, 50 or 60. In this program Lynne Malcolm speaks with a 74-year-old woman who is caring for her 56-year-old daughter, who has a memory span of just two minutes; and with a neuroscientist who explains younger onset dementia, why it occurs, what the early signs are and how to treat and cope with the disease. > read transcript and listen to interview

For further information visit Alzheimer’s Australia’s Younger Onset Dementia resource page, which includes the 2009 publications Younger Onset Dementia – A Practical Guide and In Their Own Words, a collection of stories.

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