10 October 2009

Report on Alzheimer’s disease world-wide

World Alzheimer Report 2009
Alzheimer’s Disease International: September 2009

This latest report from Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI), World Alzheimer Report 2009 is an informative background document to understanding the world-wide prevalence of dementia and the issues associated with the impact of dementia, service delivery and capacity building. The report makes eight major recommendations:

  1. World Health Organisation should declare dementia a world health priority
  2. National government should develop health priorities and strategies to provide appropriate services and support for people living with dementia
  3. Low and medium income countries should develop dementia strategies that will increase their primary health care and community services
  4. High income countries should develop national dementia action plans with detailed resource allocations
  5. Services should reflect progressive nature of dementia
  6. Equity of access needs to be a core principle of service delivery
  7. Collaborative partnerships between all stake holders should be perused
  8. Funding to conduct research into causes, treatments, impact and prevalence, and prevention.

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