25 November 2009

Interactive Online Exhibit for 15 to 30 year olds

Explore the emergent universe
29 September 2009: University of California Davis
Ranging from slime molds to quantum matter to Alzheimer's disease, a new online exhibit opening Oct. 1 aims to encourage young people to learn about "emergence," complex behaviors that arise from the interaction of simple parts, and encourages them to develop an "emergent perspective."

"An emergent perspective allows you to approach real-world problems in a different way," said David Pines, distinguished professor of physics at UC Davis and co-director of the University of California Institute for Complex Adaptive Matter, which sponsored the Emergent Universe Web site. "You realize that here are no unique solutions -- you have to try many different things, look for organizing principles and get a feel for what is connected to what."

Emergent Universe http://www.emergentuniverse.org uses animations, art, games, music and even a manga comic book to draw viewers into exploring emergent phenomena. The exhibit is aimed at 15- to 30-year-olds, college-bound or college-educated, but not necessarily with a scientific background. … > full press release

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