25 November 2009

UK report on use of anti-psychotic drugs

Review calls for action on dangerous use of antipsychotic drugs for dementia
Alzheimer’s Society UK: 12 November 2009
An independent review has today (Thursday, 12 November 2009) found that an estimated 150, 000 people with dementia in the UK are being inappropriately prescribed antipsychotic drugs. These are contributing to 1,800 deaths a year.

Antipsychotics have a serious number of side-effects for people with dementia and a profound effect on people's quality of life, leaving them heavily sedated.

They double the risk of death, triple the risk of stroke and accelerate cognitive decline. Care Services Minister Phil Hope announced a new action plan to tackle the issue. … > read Alzheimer’s Society comment : Review by NHS Knowledge Service : BBC News story

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